Can PAs Work Together? 

2 is better than 1! They say 2 is better than 1 and we can vouch for that, but can 2 PA’s work together?  Several of our clients have more than one virtual personal assistant operating on their team.   They can offer different services depending on their specialist skills, so the answer is most definitely […]Read More »

Holiday mode: Activated! - How to relax and keep your business on track.

Holiday mode: Activated! Switch off and put your out of office on. Stay on track with professional business support. Taking a break away from the office and completely switching off is essential for us all from time to time. When the time comes to book another holiday, worrying about how to cover essential office functions […]Read More »

Need a Virtual PA? Look out for these Top 5 Skills

Your business is growing and you’ve decided you need some support, but what skills should you look for in a Virtual Personal Assistant? Top 5 Virtual PA Skills   Solid PA experience Being a Virtual PA isn’t that different from being an office-based PA. So make sure your new support has plenty of hands on […]Read More »

How to delegate

How to delegate when you find it hard to let go! Letting someone in to your business world can be daunting. You know you need help, but where do you start? Effectively delegating is a real skill that is critical in expanding a business, but understanding where to start and what to hand over can […]Read More »

Why and What should I Delegate?

Maximise your potential – Why and what should I delegate? One of the primary blockers that prevents entrepreneurs and business owners moving forward with growing their businesses is that they are multi-tasking to a huge degree, taking a “Jack of all trades” approach, which means that they are ultimately spread to thinly. They can be […]Read More »

Designated and The Clubhouse collaborate to offer exclusive support and business opportunities

Partnerships enable shared knowledge, best practice and help businesses grow I’m always looking for ways to help our new and existing clients grow, develop and flourish.  I am therefore thrilled to announce our partnership with The Clubhouse, London’s leading business members club. Designated Partner with The Clubhouse London Founded in 2012 by Adam Blaskey, The […]Read More »

6 Top Tips from Top VA’s! - Part 5

This is the 5th and final blog in our series on how to make the transition from PA to VA.  As experienced VA’s successfully managing clients, we wanted to share our strategies on how to stay on top of everything.  In this final blog we have put together our favourite tips using our collective VA […]Read More »

Working from Home and How to Prioritise Self Care - Part 4

Part 4 in our series ‘Taking the leap from PA to VA’ is all about self care. One of my biggest learning curves when becoming a virtual personal assistant, was how to properly look after myself. Gone were the days of going to the gym on the way to the office, a long walk at […]Read More »

VA mindset – hone your outlook for career success - Part 3

Christina Reilly talks about VA Mindset in part 3 of our series “Leaping from PA to VA”.  One of the principal elements that a successful Virtual Assistant can credit to their career success is their mindset.  Challenge your VA mindset Sometimes, fear, negativity or lack of confidence can prevent or make it difficult for us […]Read More »

How do I get clients and market my business? - Part 2

personal assistantThe second in our series ‘Making the leap from PA to VA’ talks about how to get clients and market your business. So how do I market my business?    You’ve done the research and planning and now it’s time to start your VA business.  This is the most exciting part but if you’ve never done marketing or […]Read More »

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