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getting that job

There are 2.34 billion people using online social networks today. By 2020, that number will increase to nearly 3 billion. With such large numbers of people sharing intimate details of their lives online, it is easy to forget that each post you make, increases your exposure. And that personal social media activity could actually…(Read More)

Career break

Whether you decide to stay home to raise a family, or take a year’s sabbatical travelling the globe, a career break can be an amazingly rewarding time in your life. The joy this time can bring is matched only by the fear of returning to work after your break! When you’ve seen the…(Read More)

Improving productivity

Sometimes, motivation can wane and it can be hard to find the impetus to get things done. Whether it’s that Monday morning feeling, or you mentally check-out at lunch time on Friday, you may find you need a little help getting your head down and improving productivity. Perhaps you are the complete opposite…(Read More)

Holiday cover

Have a lovely holiday………? Whether you’re an office manager, or a business owner, balancing the necessity of your administrative teams holiday schedule with your business and client needs can be challenging. All holiday periods create a flood of requests for time off which need to be approved whilst ensuring that deadlines are not compromised…(Read More)

designated PA

We are delighted to announce that due to continued growth we are hiring for Personal Assistants again. Calling all Personal Assistants! We are looking for experienced Personal Assistants to join our committed team at an exciting time as our business grows. Must have a minimum of 3+ years experience as a Personal or Executive Assistant…(Read More)

The-4-Biggest- LinkedIn Mistakes to avoid

Linkedin is a vital tool for sourcing potential candidates and evaluating who we wish to work with. It has the ability to connect us with 400 million professionals worldwide and substantially increase our job prospects. Small businesses and startups use Linkedin to forge lasting connections, to target potential clients. This is why it’s essential…(Read More)


Simply the most cost-effective way to staff your small business, with a high levels of experience and pay per hour rates, online PA’s are rapidly growing in numbers AND skill sets. For the first time in the UK, qualified mothers raising children are more likely to find jobs over women without young families…(Read More)


A good PA is indispensable. The perfect package of key skills which include prioritising, multi tasking, great communication/organisational skills AND a specialised subject such as accounting. A GREAT PA will make your day flow with such ease that it’s easy to forget the enormity of the tasks set. Managing meetings, book keeping, day…(Read More)


Time is precious for the entrepreneur and growing small business, yet we still crave a better life and work balance, freedom from daily repetitive tasks, peace of mind our overflowing to do lists will actually get done.  Let’s not even get started on THAT company blog, requiring at least 3 unique blog posts a…(Read More)

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