Why Personal Branding Is Essential To Your Success


Have you searched “what is a personal brand” in Google and seen the nearly 6 million results?

If you’ve got a name and a social footprint, you have a personal brand already. First impressions are now formed online. Tom Peters is widely credited for creating the term “personal branding” in The Brand Called You, an article he wrote for Fast Company magazine in 1997.

“The key to any personal branding campaign is ‘word-of-mouth marketing.’ Your network of friends, colleagues, clients, and customers is the most important marketing vehicle you’ve got; what they say about you and your contributions is what the market will ultimately gauge as the value of your brand. So the big trick to building your brand is to find ways to nurture your network of colleagues — consciously.”

Getting started is easy!

  • Be yourself.
  • Post content consistently and regularly.
  • Post content aimed at your target audience.
  • Engage with users on a regular basis.

Your personal brand can work alongside any corporate brands you may already have. Personal brands bring your unique personality traits to the forefront. People like to deal with people. This can complement your company’s marketing.

What tools can I use?

LinkedIn is a great place to start. LinkedIn is a professional network with over 610 Million users across 200+ countries worldwide. It’s a powerful business tool and as the name suggests, a great place to build relationships. It’s a place where you can add the human touch to new or existing business relationships.

You can network on LinkedIn, by finding connections in your industry or joining groups.

Sharing your opinion or thoughts on LinkedIn can highlight your knowledge and credibility. Being endorsed for your skills and experiences offers valuable social proof to customers.

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