The Advantages Of Having a Virtual Assistant


Have you thought how a Virtual Assistant can help grow your business?

We all know that it takes a huge amount of time and energy to run a profitable business.  Just the day to day running takes so much of our time… Answering emails, promoting & marketing the business, writing articles to optimize search engine placement, developing & updating your website – driving customers to the website.  But also the mundane tasks that are SO time consuming… Keeping your inbox clear and filed, arranging meetings and liaising with clients, paying invoices and chasing payments. Has this exhausted you already?!  Suddenly there isn’t enough time left in your day and you start to work into the evenings to keep above water.  Small business owners become stressed and frustrated and in severe cases, they end up giving up their businesses altogether.

How can this be avoided and how can you drive the business forward successfully with the least amount of stress?  The answer to this is to get a reliable Virtual Assistant.

A Virtual Assistant will give you the one precious gift you need more than anything and that is… TIME. 

You can off-load all the time consuming tasks so that you can actually move forward instead of treading water, trying not to drown. You can put this new time to good use and start enjoying your business, follow up on the leads you have, have time to market your business, attend networking events and take a prospective client out to lunch.  Start doing the things you enjoy and have forgotten about.  You can begin to spend the evenings with family and friends, instead of locked away in front of your computer.

What to do first…

It’s best to make a list of the things you need to do to run a thriving business.  Once you have this list, run through every point and mark the tasks that you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.  Here is an example:  Do you enjoy writing articles and blogs, but don’t have the time?  Your VA can help with the time consuming parts.  He or she can load your articles to your website, post your blogs and create a newsletter which will give you time to write the things you enjoy.  Your VA can be responsible for taking care of your Social Media to keep you update and current.  This all helps to drive customers to your website.  You don’t want to have a social graveyard!

Is having a VA cost effective?

One of the huge advantages of having a Virtual Assistant is that you pay an hourly rate and only for the hours your VA is working.  Whether it be 3 hours or 30 hours per week, this can be flexible and change every week depending on your workload.  There are no contracts or tie-in clauses and you have no responsibility that you would have if you had a permanent member of staff.

How much is YOUR time worth?

Weigh it up… you know it makes sense.

The best thing is to hire a Virtual Assistant on a trial basis for one month.  Make sure you actually do delegate to him or her!  By doing this you will have more time to put into the business and therefore increasing your revenue.  What do you have to lose?

You will be surprised how much your business will grow with an extra pair of hands to help.

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