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Small business is now a big business. There were 5.4 million SMEs in the UK in 2016, which was over 99% of all businesses. At Designated PA, we are business support experts and love to see small businesses thrive. Here are our top five tips for creating a successful small business. Top Tips for…(Read More)

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There are currently more than 400 million entrepreneurs around the world – and this number is growing rapidly. The average salary is little more than 43K annually, with the average working week falling at just over 60 hours. Innovation and Speed It’s not about the big companies beating the small anymore, it all comes down…(Read More)


Pinterest is widely recognised for its ability to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website and as the rising star of social media platforms in 2016, it would reckless to miss out. Hubspot have recently jumped on the Pinterest bang-wagon and already have shown transparency by admitting Pinterest drives the most referral…(Read More)


It’s not an easy start for a small business when you realise you are competing against millions of other companies in the same industry as you. The difference is, you’re fully aware what your business has to offer and how its services and products can EASILY surpass all the competition, but your customer…(Read More)


With over 300 million users worldwide, 16 BILLION photos uploaded, the ability to target and grow your audience through hashtags AND an added selection of filters to give an edge to your photos, Instagram is now one of the most dominant global social media platforms – and growing rapidly. Add to this a fairly even…(Read More)

How to use Linkedin like a Pro – My 10 Secrets!

Linkedin has now amassed over 380 million followers and still takes the reigns when it comes to the top social media platform for professionals. Add to this a 3 x higher lead conversion than Facebook and Twitter and a built in business blog, and we pretty much have surpassed all the alternative social media platforms…(Read More)

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