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Have you searched “what is a personal brand” in Google and seen the nearly 6 million results? If you’ve got a name and a social footprint, you have a personal brand already. First impressions are now formed online. Tom Peters is widely credited for creating the term “personal branding” in The Brand Called You…(Read More)

designated PA

Designated PA are very pleased to be working in partnership with Rachel Tombs, Founder of Links2Leads.  We know only to well the role that LinkedIn plays in connecting other like minded professionals.  This along with the ability for the business world to share information across the entire network makes LinkedIn a powerful platform. During her…(Read More)

The Assistant Room

Social media brings us many exciting opportunities, The Assistant Room being an obvious one! Many of us use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, and Twitter is a great way to keep our finger on the pulse with live events. Instagram and Pinterest bring us delicious and enticing images to devour, day…(Read More)

The-4-Biggest- LinkedIn Mistakes to avoid

Linkedin is a vital tool for sourcing potential candidates and evaluating who we wish to work with. It has the ability to connect us with 400 million professionals worldwide and substantially increase our job prospects. Small businesses and startups use Linkedin to forge lasting connections, to target potential clients. This is why it’s essential…(Read More)

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