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According to Personnel Today Six in 10 employees experience workplace stress.  And it’s no different for an Entrepreneur.   Being an Entrepreneur is not the easy, flexible, anxiety free career that many believe it to be; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  If you are a business owner, you can sympathize with this statement…(Read More)

Outsource PA

Here in this infographic are 6 of the top easy tasks that clients outsource to our PAs. Some maybe obvious but delegating this type of work can free up an enormous amount of valuable time for Business Owners and Managers.       Outsource to a PA Find out about hiring a PA through Designated…(Read More)


‘Website visitors are 4 times more likely to use social media than search engines to find what they want’ Speaking from personal experience, I found managing multiple social media accounts time consuming and an exhausting process. Managing my followers and unfollowers alone can be a headache, not to mention keeping track of my tweets and…(Read More)


To buy or not to buy? That’s the uncomfortable question facing many startups and small businesses in 2016. It’s all very well spending months diligently building up your followers, but to hit the 10K mark takes time and engagement. Something that start ups tend to be lacking in. When it comes to the…(Read More)

The-4-Biggest- LinkedIn Mistakes to avoid

Linkedin is a vital tool for sourcing potential candidates and evaluating who we wish to work with. It has the ability to connect us with 400 million professionals worldwide and substantially increase our job prospects. Small businesses and startups use Linkedin to forge lasting connections, to target potential clients. This is why it’s essential…(Read More)


Twitter is quiet simply unparalleled when it comes to free, highly influential social media platforms. On trend and concise tweets create exposure, credibility and trust. Hashtags helps to distinguish you from your competition and find your niche, and informative, unique content can create quiet the following. The difficult part is being heard above the noise…(Read More)

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