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Dare to dream, says Hilary Stoddart, Designated PA’s client development manager and former office-based senior PA…   If you’re considering taking the leap from office-based employment to the world of flexible, home based, virtual work and feel (understandably) daunted, Hilary’s story is sure to reassure and motivate you! It was…(Read More)

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, we wanted to pay tribute to the phenomenal women who inspire us here at The Designated Group. Read on for some fantastic, and moving, personal stories! Jane Braithwaite – Managing Director “This year International Women’s Day feels like more of a celebration than ever before as more…(Read More)

A few nights ago I went to see the film The Darkest Hour, where Gary Oldman portrays Winston Churchill in the weeks leading up to the Second World War. His performance was truly awe-inspiring. As I left the cinema I found myself thinking more about the unsung heroes in the team around him. Particularly…(Read More)

business support

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Running a successful small business doesn’t quite take that many people. But with a team of dedicated experts on board, your business can grow faster and more efficiently. Through delegating tasks to experts and freeing up your time to focus on what you do…(Read More)

Outsource PA

Following on from last time we now share the next 6 tasks you can delegate to a Personal or Virtual Assistant.  From talking to clients to working on your database your assistant can often do a lot more than you think! Good PAs will have the skills to use a number of applications in their…(Read More)

Jane Braithwaite

How to get it right from the start So you’ve made the decision to hire a PA (Personal Assistant).  You’ve compared CV’s, checked out references, budgets and security.  You are confident also your choice will be a good match for your business, but what next? That first introductory meeting or call shouldn…(Read More)

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