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Twitter is quiet simply unparalleled when it comes to free, highly influential social media platforms. On trend and concise tweets create exposure, credibility and trust. Hashtags helps to distinguish you from your competition and find your niche, and informative, unique content can create quiet the following. The difficult part is being heard above the noise…(Read More)


Failure can pave the road to success. After all, with Forbes rather dismal figure that 90% of startups fail, it’s actually failing that counts, then, who managed to learn from their mistakes, dust themselves off, and get back on their feet to try again. THESE are the startups that have lived to tell the…(Read More)

Jane Braithwaite thinks ‘Running a Business is Good Stress!’ Breaking Biz is provides information and inspiration for starting and running a business. With 10,000 subscribers all receiving exclusive updates on all things entrepreneurship. Designated PA’s very own MD and Founder, Jane Braithwaite takes part in a Q&A session. Take a look…(Read More)

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