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We chat to Jennie Taylor, a VA from Surrey, who took the plunge and set up independently building up her very own client base.  Jennie proves that there is a real need from local individuals and small businesses for part-time PA support on a flexible, non-committal basis.  Hiring a VA could be the…(Read More)


Simply the most cost-effective way to staff your small business, with a high levels of experience and pay per hour rates, online PA’s are rapidly growing in numbers AND skill sets. For the first time in the UK, qualified mothers raising children are more likely to find jobs over women without young families…(Read More)

For a while, working from home was the hip corporate perk. Best Buy got glowing press for its Results Only Work Environment in which corporate employees could work anytime, anywhere. The federal government embraced telecommuting arrangements, in part for the ability to regroup in emergencies, and several studies showed that telecommuting had upsides for performance…(Read More)

All organizations are political and everyone engages in office politics – and to some degree, they always will be. The underlying reasons are psychological. First, work involves dealing with people. That means finding a compromise between what they want and what we want; and it’s often a zero-sum game. Second, humans are emotional creatures…(Read More)

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