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We shine the spotlight and celebrate the differences amongst some of the members of the Designated team, who all work to collaborate with client across all industries.  They all live in different locations across the UK and demonstrate different strengths and skill sets but are all united in sharing one passion, flexible working as Virtual…(Read More)

Dare to dream, says Hilary Stoddart, Designated PA’s client development manager and former office-based senior PA…   If you’re considering taking the leap from office-based employment to the world of flexible, home based, virtual work and feel (understandably) daunted, Hilary’s story is sure to reassure and motivate you! It was…(Read More)

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, we wanted to pay tribute to the phenomenal women who inspire us here at The Designated Group. Read on for some fantastic, and moving, personal stories! Jane Braithwaite – Managing Director “This year International Women’s Day feels like more of a celebration than ever before as more…(Read More)

Hire A Virtual PA

Why a Virtual PA is a perfect solution for small businesses When I speak to small business owners and explain what I do as a Virtual PA, I tend to spot a little glint in their eye that reads: “I need that too! I want to hire a Virtual PA! Please help me!” An endless…(Read More)

Abi Aherne - Virtual PA

You do what, for a living?  ‘I’m a Virtual Personal Assistant’.  Yes, that’s right it really ‘is’ a job, it’s not a made up!  When I tell people what I do for a living it often seems like a mythical job that most people can’t quite grasp the essence of…. I…(Read More)

Reduce your hours

One of the biggest problems that business entrepreneurs face these days is that they are wearing ‘all the hats’; from admin to travel booking to invoicing to diary management, they do it ALL.  The ‘work hard, work long hours, never have a weekend off’ culture is openly encouraged and the integration of technology into business…(Read More)


It’s all very well slogging away at that business blog to drive traffic to your website in the hope of boosting your organic search results. But to rely solely on your blog to sell your products without some form of direct marketing is a high risk. It can take months before you start to…(Read More)

A great manager can attract exceptional staff, likewise, a great leader can CREATE exceptional staff. But what are the differences between the two? A manager’s job is to plan and organise, whilst a leaders characteristics help to inspire and motivate. Other notable differences are a manager has employees working for him, where as a…(Read More)


A good PA is indispensable. The perfect package of key skills which include prioritising, multi tasking, great communication/organisational skills AND a specialised subject such as accounting. A GREAT PA will make your day flow with such ease that it’s easy to forget the enormity of the tasks set. Managing meetings, book keeping, day…(Read More)

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