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“Our Designated PA gets rid of the noise while at the same time having an impact on the success of our business, as she is releasing strategic headspace which allows me to better lead the organisation.”

Fiona Hathorn, CEO, Women on Boards

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Our Client

Women on Boards exists to help members make the right connections and career choices to take on a board role as a non-executive director, trustee, or governor, or to get to the top within their company.

They are actively dismantling barriers to boardroom entry, nurturing a robust pipeline of individuals—comprising board-ready women, visionary entrepreneurs, underrepresented minorities, and like-minded men—who rely on their expertise and support to navigate and thrive in these roles.

Our Challenge

Founder and CEO of Women on Boards, Fiona Hathorn, was struggling to respond to all clients’ emails she received each day, in between running workshops around the UK. She needed someone to take things off her desk so she could concentrate on the growing success of her small business, Women on Boards. Those things included;

Diary Management
Email / Inbox Management
Customer Service
Job Board Administrative Tasks
Event Administration
Video Editing
Social Media Management


Our Results

The invaluable support from Fiona’s Designated PA has not only given her the free time for greater productivity and ‘strategic headspace’ but has also paved ways for her to allocate more attention to the success of Women on Boards. These results highlight how a virtual assistant can help your business develop and thrive.

Why WOB Chose Designated PA

Our Designated PAs come with a background of three-plus years of experience at senior to board level. They are adept at joining and becoming an integral part of a new team. Our personal assistants have multifaceted skills, which means they can adapt and take on a variety of tasks.

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