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“I would strongly recommend their services as they are very competent and they can easily add value to any business where PA support is needed.”

“Designated packages have provided our company much needed flexibility and reliability depending on our business requirements, all of which are important in order to maximise efficiencies on our time management, especially when dealing with projects of such scale.”

Romain Pottier, COO

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Our Client

KOKO, London’s seminal live music venue, reopened in April 2022 following a major £70 million state-of-the-art transformation. The Camden venue was initially shut in 2019 for a year-long refurbishment, which was then pushed back after a fire broke out in the venue in 2020. Subsequent water damage then delayed the reopening even more.

Romain Pottier, COO of KOKO, came to Designated in November 2018 as the team at KOKO prepared for the refurbishment, with a hugely demanding role and big deadlines in place. The team at KOKO needed to bring someone into the KOKO family that could get up to speed quickly, be proactive and take the administrative tasks off their desks.

Our Challenge

At a very busy stage in the drive to re-open the famous venue, the team at KOKO was under enormous pressure to meet deadlines and drive continuous improvement. They found that they were spending valuable time on admin processes. They reached out to Designated looking for someone extremely organised and proactive to take on diary management, email management, expenses, travel, research of projects and much more. Being time short, they needed a PA that they felt entirely comfortable could take on these tasks and not need to ask too many questions, someone efficient and reliable.


Our Results

Within 10 months of beginning work with their COO Romain, our VA had also taken on working for the CEO. She had a great rapport with the whole team and was providing invaluable day-to-day support, alleviating the workload for KOKO’s employees.

Why KOKO Chose Designated PA

Efficiency is key when you’re working on a project of this scale – as is flexibility. The team at Designated are used to working in a flexible way, adeptly managing tasks and driving administrative process improvement, enabling clients to focus on core responsibilities without worrying about admin tasks.

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