Guide to working smarter not harder

Have you ever found yourself with a million things to do and no idea where to start? Or perhaps you just keep putting off that big deadline that’s hovering over you? Either way, getting your workspace and your task list organised is a surefire way to help get your head space back on track. Our guide to helping you work smarter, not harder will help.

1. Make Lists
Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it works! It’s simple, the smartest way to unload your over-worked brain is to get it all out on paper (or for those that prefer something a little more high-tech, a Smartphone, tablet, or whatever you’re most comfortable with).

There are lots of apps that can help too! Below are some that we would recommend;

  • Paperless
  • Wunderlist
  • Todoist
  • Trello
  • Toodledo

2. Now Prioritise
Put a number, an asterisk, re-sort or highlight. Get that list working for you. Concentrate on the big stuff – the things you know are going to take the longest time. Put them near the top, somewhere you can’t ignore them. The sense of achievement when you manage to cross these tasks off will be immense. And then you can reward yourself with a few ‘little’ tasks to help break up the intensity.

3. Watch The Clock
Your list is ready, your priorities are set, and it’s time to get down to business. Set yourself a realistic deadline for each item. Start by breaking things down by hours, half hours, quarter hours or even ten-minute slots. Make an appointment to meet friends, go out for lunch or get a haircut, and then organise your tasks around it, accordingly – it’s amazing what you can achieve when you have a ‘reward’ in sight.

4. BITE size, not supersize.
If you have a seemingly insurmountable task ahead of you, break it down into smaller chunks. As you start to simplify the job into separate elements, you will be able to concentrate on getting it done, piece by piece.

5. DON’T procrastinate – delegate!
Use reminders to flag up deadlines, set up rules on your email so that you can see when important emails need to be responded to. Set your phone to vibrate and let voicemail take a message. This way you can turn your full attention to the job in hand, without any distractions.

6. CALL in the professionals?
If you are still struggling to stay on top and feel like you are slowly sinking under a pile of admin, then perhaps what you need is a bit of professional help – of the administrative kind.

Do you need someone to cast an objective eye over your accounts, or a willing soul to help you get through your filing? Maybe all you need is for someone to manage your travel and diary arrangements, whilst you concentrate on writing that report.

Whatever it may be, help is at hand. Designated is a one-stop-shop created with you specifically in mind. We are here to enable you to hand off tasks and concentrate on your core business.

With us by your side, you will find you are able to focus on productivity, deliver greater results and generally be free to be the high-flying executive you are meant to be. Alternatively, you might find that you have a few less grey hairs and a lot less to worry about.

Get working smarter not harder

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