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Marketing is vital to growing your business, but it can be challenging due to limited resources, time, money, or access to expertise.

With Designated’s ongoing, flexible and virtual marketing support, you can tap into the best talent anytime.

Our dedicated team will work with you to define your marketing strategy and then support you in implementing the strategy across all channels, ensuring you meet your objectives within your defined budget.

Our team of professional marketeers can support you with specific short- and long-term projects, providing the expertise you require precisely when needed.

Strategic Marketing Services

Project Management

Managing large projects such as a new website, app or product launch can stretch your marketing team. Our Designated Marketing Managers act as virtual marketing assistants, stepping in to manage the project for its duration, so you get the extra resources you need when you need them.

Branding and Visual Identity

All businesses whether they are new or existing have basic marketing requirements, including branding and logo design, the development of a website and other marketing collateral such as brochures, point of sale, social media templates, merchandising, presentation templates etc. Our team can work with you to create  professional and engaging images from day one.

Short term contracts

If you need support with a particular short-term project such as the launch of a new product or service, or integration of a new CRM system or website, we can provide a project manager to oversee this and liaise with relevant stakeholders.

Or if one of your existing team takes an extended break, for example, a sabbatical or maternity leave, our Marketing Managers can cover their workload until they return, whether for six weeks or six months.


Exhibition/conference management

Attending an exhibition or conference requires a lot of preparatory work and follow-up tasks after the event to maximise the opportunity and investment. Our marketing team can support you with branding, stand design, brochures, data collection and follow-up communications.


Professional communications with clients, employees and partners are vital to the success of most businesses. Whether you need help creating regular newsletters or for a specific project, our team can ensure that your online marketing communications are designed for maximum impact.

Content Writing

Our content writers can generate copy for you or edit existing copy, ensuring it is accurate, engaging and easily digestible. Whether this is for your website, blog, newsletter or training courses, we can help you ensure every word is spot on and supports your digital marketing strategy.


Whether your in-house marketing team needs guidance on a particular aspect of marketing or requires a one-off project, our team can deliver marketing consultancy to provide the support they need.

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