Empower your business with an experienced virtual PA in London and the UK

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Empower your business with an experienced virtual PA in London and the UK


Increase your productivity with bespoke support from £335 a month.

The right team for your business

Our team at Designated PA can help you become more efficient by taking care of the tasks that are important, ensuring you stay on track to hit your goals. Increase your productivity and reduce stress by getting the support you need. Your virtual assistant will become a core part of your team and business.

There are two options when considering a PA to support you. You can work with a virtual PA from the Designated team, or we can help you to recruit a personal assistant to work directly for you.

Unsure which option would suit you best? Get in touch with Sophie for a friendly chat.

From inundated to in-control

We know hiring and training staff can be costly and time-consuming, and that’s why a virtual personal assistant who is used to adapting quickly is the ideal solution.

Our experienced and professional virtual personal assistants all have a minimum of 3 years of experience working at senior management to board level and will complement your existing team.

Personal packages, tailored to support you

We understand the challenges that business owners are facing today. That’s why we offer transparent and flexible pricing to suit you. So, whether you need support one day a week or everyday of the week, we are happy to adapt, and as your business grows, our level of support can too.

How our virtual assistants can help you

Diary Management

Your virtual personal assistant will proactively manage your diary to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Email and Inbox

Nobody likes to be overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox. Your virtual personal assistants can help you prioritise the most important emails and organise communications.

Data Entry

Our PAs have exceptional attention to detail and can assist with all types of data processing administrative tasks and Review all data for errors.

CRM Support

One of the most important parts of any business but also the most time-consuming. Your virtual personal assistant can help you keep your data clean by managing your CRM system.

Travel Management

Your virtual personal assistant are highly experienced booking travel and accommodation at short notice. From simple short haul to complex itineraries, our team can ensure the process is stress free.

Lifestyle Management

Need help outside of work? Your virtual personal assistant can help you manage holidays, organise events and much more.

Research and Projects

Ready to kick-start a new project? Your virtual personal assistant can help get you started by collating research and insights, helping you to take the first steps into a new industry or geographical area.

Administration and Back-Office Support

Whether you need presentation slides for a meeting or documents to support a new client pitch, your virtual personal assistant will be happy to jump in on ad-hoc requests to save you time.

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